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Apps for Latter-day Saints

LDS Daily Verse

Be empowered every day with an inspiring scripture, thought-provoking conference quote, sacred hymn or children's song, and motivating video. Easily share these uplifting messages with your friends and keep track of your favorites for later!

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LDS Scripture Focus

Focus on the word of God, one word at a time!

Take a fresh approach to the scriptures and develop a daily habit of studying without all the distractions. LDS Scripture Focus makes it easy to chart your reading progress, with reminders to help motivate you to engage in daily personal scripture study.

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LDS Ponderize

Ponderize = 80% extended pondering + 20% memorization

Choose a verse of scripture each week and put it on your lock screen where you will see it several times a day. Get reminders throughout the day to ponderize, and a reminder each week to choose a new verse.

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LDS Stickers: “I, Nephi”

Your favorite scripture hero is now a sticker hero!

Brighten up your iMessage conversations with these fun and engaging Nephi stickers. They’re sure to bring smiles and laughter to your friends and family.

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